Practical HR Processes, Advice and Support That Work For You While you focus on managing your business to achieve its goals, we work with you as your HR Partner. Our services help you select, manage and grow your employees with a consistent, practical approach.

We offer a complete HR advice and support package on ad hoc, flexible or contract terms. If you want a set of thick manuals to gather dust on your shelf then we’re probably not a good match for you!

You will always have us by your side to help you apply the HR knowledge and systems appropriate for your business. This may be in person at your office, on the phone or by email. The choice is yours.

Our core services cover three key areas:

  • Practical Employment Law – Advice and guidance to help you to:
    • Achieve the best result from difficult employee situations
    • Apply a practical approach to comply with current and future legislation
    • Minimise potentially-expensive risks for your organisation
  • HR Management – Human resources support and advice relating to:
    • Plan for growth, change or redundancies
    • Manage, motivate and appraise your employees
    • Evaluate jobs and employee capability
  • Mediation and Management of Workplace Disputes – HR Advice and direct interaction between employees to:
    • Manage grievance and disciplinary procedures
    • Mediate to resolve conflicts between individuals and within teams
    • Mediate to resolve conflicts between directors or managers

Clients say they value that we adjust the delivery of our services to be congruent with their business resources. We will adopt the same approach when we work for you.

Here are the typical results you can expect to achieve