Practical Employment Law

Employment Law

Carpe Diem Human Resources Limited provides advice and guidance for you on matters relating to current and future employment legislation. Our primary aim is to minimize potentially-expensive risks to your organization.

We offer practical and realistic solutions for:

  • employment documentation – how to make sure that your contracts of employment, policies and procedures are up-to-date and comply with current employment legislation, allowing you to get on with managing your business
  • discipline and grievance issues – how to identify, manage and resolve problems in the workplace
  • Employment Tribunals – understanding what can cause an employee to complain to an Employment Tribunal and what to do if you are faced with this situation
  • equal opportunities – understanding what constitutes discrimination and how to implement best practice to ensure you don’t discriminate against existing or prospective employees
  • health and safety – how to carry out risk assessments to comply with current legislation – more
  • environmental issues/accreditation – identify the main cost-drivers in your organization and take action to reduce their impact – more
  • redundancy management – identify, plan for and manage a redundancy situation sensitively and effectively – includes guidance on employee consultation and outplacement for displaced employees
  • stress – recognizing employee stress and providing a supportive environment to reduce its impact upon the business
  • TUPE transfers – decide whether TUPE legislation applies and, if it does, how to manage the people aspects of company acquisitions and mergers – including management buy-out


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