HR Management

Human Resource Management

Carpe Diem Human Resources Limited offers your business advice and support in the following areas:

  • strategic human resources management – planning for effective business growth
  • operational human resources management – managing and motivating your employees
  • career counseling and development – helping your people plan and take responsibility for their own career development
  • change management – introducing changes to your working practices with the minimum of disruption to business operations
  • mentoring support – ensuring that employees who take on responsibility for human resources within your organization have the support and guidance they need to perform well in their role
  • compensation and benefits – working out the appropriate levels of pay and benefits
  • employee capability – recognizing when an employee is having difficulty with the job, managing the situation effectively and increasing success rates
  • environmental creativity and design – designing resourceful spaces that work
  • job evaluation – differentiating appropriately between job levels
    management and employee development -giving your managers and employees a clear understanding of the company’s philosophy and culture by providing appropriate levels of skills training and development opportunities
  • performance appraisal – ensuring that appraisal is fair and consistent and a two-way process
  • redundancy management – planning for and managing a redundancy situation, employee consultation and outplacement for displaced employees
  • sickness and absence – managing attendance generally as well as sickness absence
  • succession planning – developing people to take on more responsible roles in the future
  • interim management


for an informal chat to discuss changes your organisation is planning to implement in the near or foreseeable future.