What We Do

We Help You Deliver Your Business Goals

You’ll find we ask questions and spend much of our time listening when we first meet or speak by phone. It’s because our purpose is to help you achieve your business goals.

We first need to know your plans. Then we can help you put in place the HR policies and offer the advice you need to make it happen (not give you every HR policy and system under the sun in a large manual you will never read or use!).

At A Pace That Suits You

Your first call to us may relate to an urgent employee problem. We’ll show you how to deal with the situation to achieve the best outcome in the shortest reasonable time.

Thereafter, we work with you at a pace that matches your resources and plans. Together, we will reinforce existing and establish new policies that work for you and your employees.

Work With the Same People Every Time

You’ll quickly get to know Judith Kiely and her colleagues and they’ll quickly get to know you. We will know your business and situation as soon as you call. This means you always get the best advice in the shortest time.

Is this you?