Is This You

You’re a Director or Senior Manager of a start-up business or an established business with between 5-50 employees. You may handle the HR needs for your company or have a colleague who covers the HR needs as part of their role.

Human Resources is taking up more time than you can handle. The HR demands may also outstrip your in-house knowledge and capabilities. This may lead to unnecessary employee issues through not following procedures or no procedures
to follow.

Most likely, your B2B business is experiencing one of the following issues:

  • Start-up businesses with growth pains from employing staff to new roles
    • How to define job descriptions for new, multi-faceted roles
    • Developing first-time management skills
    • Creating and maintaining relevant employee handbook and procedures
  • Companies with high employee turnover
    • Recruitment and training issues
    • Problems with staff morale and productivity
    • Identifying the reasons for and stemming the flow of employees leaving
  • Businesses planning or undergoing reorganisation
    • Issues relating to upsizing and downsizing workforce
    • How to redeploy existing employees to new roles and/or locations
    • Managing and motivating staff through the business transition


These are the services our clients most request